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Understanding Your Android Phones

Intro to Android Devices
Course Outline
Get an introduction to Android, including step-by-step instructions on getting started with your device.Get started with your device, including setting up a Google account and familiarizing yourself with basic built-in apps.Learn some common Android tasks, including adding and removing apps, making calls, and sending messages.Setting Up Your EmailLearn how to add, manage, and delete contacts on your Android device.etc

Undersanding Mobile Apps

How to navigateLearn to navigate using different gestures such as swiping, pinching in and out and panning
• Discover common User Interface controls such as sliders, buttons, labels, switchersGeneral features of your Android phoneLearn about app notifications
• Learn to connect to WIFI network
• Learn to secure your device using fingerprints and PINTechniques to Maintain Phone and Manage DataBack up photos and phone contacts into Cloud,
• etc…

All About WeChat

Have Better Control Over Internal Communication.the internal communication features of WeChat Work are far more advanced. …Solve the Pain Point of Using Personal WeChat at Workplace. …Access Integrated Apps for Business Operations. …Advanced Integration.WeChat allows for the exchanging of messages between users and supports free calls.The messaging functions include text and voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video calls and conference calls.WeChat can be used to message or call internationally both to and from China .

Stay Connected with WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp to
Instantly send a message to anywhere in the world.How to do voice callhow to do conferencing call using videohow to send to anyone – documents, photos, videos,how to block people/groupshow to create groupshow to leave groupshow to clear your chats and videoshow to keep certain chats and videos,how to use whatsapp on laptop/deskto

Facebook For Beginners

By knowing how to use Facebook you will be able to:-
network with like minded peoplemake lots of friendsget updated with the latest news and informationget updated on shops & supermarket offersstalk your childrenfind old childhood friendsand many more

Instagram For Beginners

By knowing to use Instagram you will be able to:
Influences People.Creates Connections. …Helps People develop Skills. …Diversified your Beauty Standards. …Turned you into Travelers.motivate you

99 stress free mummy

Format: Paperback
Saiz: 5" x 7.5”
ISBN:9789670716763  Jumlah Muka Surat:141 Berat (Kg): 0.18 Penulis: Zatika Izati Puade
=========================== SINOPSIS Resume seseorang yang bergelar ibu, jika dizahirkan di atas kertas, pasti panjang berjela. Bertugas tanpa mengira masa, si ibu juga tiang seri sesebuah keluarga. Seribu satu kerenah dan ragam anak-anak yang sedang membesar pastinhya mengundang stress jika tidak diurus dengan betul. Bukan mudah sebenarnya mendapat gelaran syurga di bawah telapak kaki seorang ibu. Buku ini mengumpulkan 99 kisah ibu dan anak yang ditulis secara santai. segala insiden mencuit hati antara penulis dan anak-anak beliau dihimpun dan ditampilkan sebagai anekdot. Bagi penulis, segala yang terbit dari bibir seseorang anak kecil itu jujur, tidak berselindung demi menjaga hati, bahkan ada ketikanya tersentap dibuatnya. "LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AS LONG AS THERE'S A LAUGH IN IT" -L.M MONTGOMERY-
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